Poet Donald Hall

'I see no reason to spend your life writing poems unless your goal is to write great poems. To desire to write poems that endure -- we undertake such a goal certain of two things: that in all likelihood we will fail and that if we succeed we will never know it.' Donald Hall

Poet Donald Hall was born in Hamden in 1928. While a child, he recalled taking the bus into New Haven on Sundays to go to the movies theaters to watch the horror films he loved so much. One day a neighbor told him that if enjoyed horror so much he might enjoy the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Finding a copy of Poe’s works, they inspired him to write his first poem 'The End of All,', which is about death. He continued writing, practicing several hours a day. Hall attended Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard (51) and Oxford. He eventually published a series of books of poetry (15 in all) and in 2006 was named poet laureate of the United States.