Haunted Connecticut

Bara-Hack is a ghost town in it was located in Historic Pomfret, Connecticut, and was abandoned after the Civil War. According to one website, "a pair of Welsh families first settled Bara-Hack in 1780.... By 1890 the settlement was history as the last residents left.... Another website, operated by the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society, states that it was "founded and first settled in 1790 by the two Welsh settlers Obadiah Higginbotham and John Randall [who] named the town bara-hack, a Welsh term meaning breaking of bread." The remnants of the hamlet include foundations and walls of derelict buildings, and a cemetery. There is also "an overgrown cow path" or carriage road. What remains is "clearly marked private property (No Trespassing signs abound), is very closely watched and you need permission from the land’s owner to visit” The ghost town is allegedly haunted by paranormal sounds and ghosts