Mildred Spitz Savage

Mildred Spitz Savage (June 26, 1919 – October 7, 2011) was an American author known for her best-selling novel, Parrish. The second of three children, she was born in New London, Connecticut, to Ezekiel and Sadie Spitz. In 1937, she enrolled at Wellesley College, (Wellesley, MA) graduating in 1941 with a Bachelor's Degree in History. Soon after graduating, she married Bernard Savage and moved to Norwich, CT.
 Her first work, 'The Lumberyard and Mrs. Barrie', was published in 1952. An autobiographical story detailing the events that occurred at her husband's lumberyard, she used the pseudonym Jane Barrie.  In 1958, she achieved great success with her first novel, 'Parrish'. The book tells the story of Parrish, a man who goes to work on a Connecticut tobacco farm. It was received well and became a bestseller. It was subsequently made into a movie in 1961 starring Troy Donahue. In 1958, Ms. Savage appeared as a guest challenger on the TV panel show "To Tell The Truth".

She died in Norwich Ct.