Boulder is a giant piece of history

MONTVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) -- Mohegan Sun may be the tallest building in eastern Connecticut, but it's the tribe's hidden gem which could capture bragging rights for the region.

After a trek through the woods, you come upon what is said to be the biggest boulder in New England and possibly North America. It's called Cochegan Rock and it is believed to be carried in by a glacier.

"It came from Labrador perhaps about 20 thousand years ago," explained Bill Champagne from the Norwich Historical Society.

In more recent history, close to the hearts of many here in Montville, it is also said to be where Chief Uncas held court with his lieutenants. The rock may have also served as a watch tower for enemies.

"It's very meaningful," said Champagne, "it's one of their sacred spaces."

This is why News 8 is not disclosing it's exact location, although some have discovered the sacred spot.

"One couple was a little bit spooked by the Native American presence and the others were just very comforted," said Champagne.

To put in perspective the size of this rock, it goes up about fifty feet high. News 8 was told it weighs about ten thousand tons. The idea that a glacier actually moved it over hundreds of miles of land to hear in Uncasville is what has many people amazed. The enormity may be more evident when you see someone standing on top of it.

The land, which was owned by the Boy Scouts, is now back in the hands of the Mohegan Tribe, where many believe it belongs.