Family to sell Lou Gehrig baseball for son's education

STAMFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -- A Stamford family is hoping that a piece of history will help make their son's school debt history.

The Gott family is selling a baseball they own that Lou Gehrig hit a home run with in the 1928 World Series. At the time fellow New York Yankee Babe Ruth was on base. St. Louis Cardinals' Grover Cleveland Alexander was pitching.

"I just had it sitting in a drawer," said Elizabeth Gott, baseball owner. "And I was thinking it's gonna get lost one of these days and it should really be in the hands of someone who is a true collector."

"If you're a Yankee fan that's one of the holy grails, something Lou Gehrig actually hit," said Paul Salerno, A Timeless Journey owner. "The story goes that Babe Ruth was on base at the time, Grover Cleveland Alexander was the pitcher at the time. Those are three Hall of Fame players that were involved in this game, plus it was a World Series game, and a significant game in the World Series back in 1928, so this is a very valuable piece of memorabilia."

However, Gott says nothing is more valuable to her than her 30-year-old son's education.

"It's actually sports medicine, and he loves it," Gott said. "My son is equally passionate about his career as Lou Gehrig was about baseball."

The story has a lot of people talking in Stamford, especially about what they would do if they owned the baseball.

"I, uh that's a tough question. It all depends on the price," said Salerno. "I would hope I would keep it and pass it along to future generations as more of an heirloom kind of thing, but money's a big temptation, but in my heart I think I would keep it."

"We would have liked to kept it in the family, but finances are necessary to finance the debt and my son reluctantly decided it was time," Gott said.

The ball will be auctioned off Tuesday at the All-Star FanFest in Kansas City.

If you'd like to bid on the historic baseball visit the auction page .