History of Connecticut's 'Huskies' Nickname

1.) Former Nicknames: Before it became the University of Connecticut, the school was known as the Connecticut Agricultural College. During this time, the mascot name was the "Aggies," but this needed to be changed.
2.) Student Voting: UConn students actually got to vote on their mascot, and after a poll was sent out with the student newspaper, the "Husky" was officially chosen.
3.) Jonathan the Husky: The real-life husky mascot was named Jonathan, along with every other husky that followed it. This was based off of Connecticut's first governor, Jonathan Trumbull.
4.) Homer the Husky: In the 1960s, the mascot suit Homer the Husky was introduced and served as a way to make appearances when a real couldn't. Homer still attends UConn events today.
5.) Officially Recognized: Even though the Husky name was long-used, it finally was recognized by the board of trustees in 1989.
6.) The UConn Husky Statue: In 1995, a husky statue was built and set up on campus. Students rub on the dog's nose for good luck.
7.) Washington Huskies: The University of Washington also uses a husky mascot, but its black and white, a stark difference to the pure-white UConn dog.
8.) Connecticut Jr. Huskies: Many local organizations use the husky mascot to represent sports and events in Connecticut. One of them is the Connecticut Jr. Huskies, a youth hockey team.
9.) Junior Husky Club: The Junior Husky Club was established for young UConn fans. When they join, children get Huskies merchandise, free game tickets, and a birthday card featuring the mascot.
10.) Animal-Therapy Program: The husky has become a predominant figure in animal-therapy at UConn. When a husky dog retires as a mascot, he is used to help blind and special needs people through training.