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Headline-Making Nubble Lighthouse is Located Where?

By Kristi Palma
Boston.com Staff

Chances are, you’ve seen this lighthouse. That’s because the Nubble Lighthouse (its nickname — to make our guessing game harder, we’ll refrain from using its official name) has appeared on more postcards, souvenirs, and calendars than perhaps any other New England lighthouse.
It was built in 1879 and stands 41 feet high and 88 feet above sea level.
 “Nubble Light in Sohier Park is considered the most photographed lighthouse in the world,” Burke told Boston.com. “Whether that’s true or not, most people visit and photograph the Nubble in summer. I wanted to see how spectacular the Nubble would be in winter. I was not disappointed.”
Nubble Light made headlines in 1977 when NASA included a picture of it with artifacts aboard the “Voyager II” spacecraft being sent into space to photograph the solar system. The photo was chosen because the lighthouse was considered America’s quintessential lighthouse.
But the lighthouse was making headlines before that.
In the 1960s, Nubble Lighthouse Keeper David K. Winchester received groceries by using a pulley-line, which consisted of a wooden box suspended on a thick metal cable. The box attached to the cable extended from the mainland to the Nubble Lighthouse island and transported food 50 feet above the choppy waters.
Then in 1967, Winchester had the idea to transport something else in the box — his child. He sent his little boy Ricky along the 100-yard channel twice a day to get to the mainland for school. The Boston Globe got wind of it and wrote an article and published photos of the boy traveling through the air. Crowds who read the story then turned out to watch the unorthodox commute. According to reports, it wasn’t long before the U.S. Coast Guard got involved and stopped the practice.
A live-in lighthouse keeper hasn’t been needed at Nubble Light since 1987, when the lighthouse became fully automated. But the town still employs lighthouse keepers to maintain the property. Current keeper Matt Rosenberg, whose commute involves rowing from the mainland to the island to care for the property, told Seacoastonline.com about his job: “You have to love hardship. Everything is more difficult.”
What town and state is Nubble Light located in?
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The Answer: Nubble Light is in York, Maine. The official name of the lighthouse is Cape Neddick Lighthouse.