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Milford Parents Object To End Of School Halloween Parades

Associated Press

Milford public schools cancel Halloween activities, prompting petition from angry parents

MILFORD — Some parents of children in Milford's public schools are outraged that the annual Halloween costume parades at the city's elementary schools have been canceled this year.

Victoria Johannsen, mother of a third-grader at Live Oaks School, tells the Connecticut Post (http://bit.ly/1MrD0mY ) she heard about the decision in a letter last week from the principal.

The letter said the cancelations "arose out of numerous incidents of children being excluded from activities due to religion, cultural beliefs, etc."

Johannsen says although she respects other people's beliefs, the decision isn't fair to students who cherish the parade.

An online petition has been started asking the school district to restore the parades.
In addition to canceling the parades, the district is forbidding students and staff to wear Halloween costumes.

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