The Crow-Bar Governor

In 1888, Republican Morgan Bulkeley ran for governor against Luzon B. Morris. In the final count Morris got more votes but neither candidate had the required 50% needed to serve.  The overwhelmingly Republican General Assembly decided the winner and chose Bulkeley.
In the election of 1890, ballot stuffing made the vote so close that officials did not certify the results, and the Connecticut House of Representatives and Senate, each led by opposing parties, and could not agree on a legal successor.
When Bulkeley refused to recognize the Democratic candidate as the victor, the Democratic state comptroller changed the lock on an anteroom that led from the governor's office to the Statehouse. When Bulkeley found the door locked the next morning, he broke in with a crowbar, earning the nickname the "Crow-Bar Governor".
 Bulkeley remained in office two more years, and the state Supreme Court unanimously held that he had been the lawful governor for the disputed period of time.