Control the past, control the prologue

Control the past, control the prologue

In my opinion, the far left took control of American history a long, long time ago. It was a smart move for any group that needs to rearrange the facts to fit their agenda. Bear in mind, the far left’s agenda ALWAYS translate into funding for them. Screw with their agenda you’re screwing with their income and that won’t be allowed.

We can find proof that the far left agenda has taken by looking at a recent case in Norwalk that has banned a textbook that says some Connecticut slaves treated like family.
That isn’t really why they pulled the book. They pulled the book because it dared not fit into the politically correct indoctrination we put our school children through meaning that everyone of color is oppressed, all women are oppressed….hell everyone is oppressed, except straight white men. They are never oppressed because they are the oppressors of everyone else in the world.    

 Back to Norwalk. Norwalk public school officials said they began reviewing the book, "The Connecticut Adventure," after a parent raised concerns last month about its depiction of slavery. The district's chief academic officer, Michael Conner, said in a letter to parents that the textbook minimizes the impact and implications of slavery.

The book by John W. Ifkovic, was published in 2001 by Gibbs Smith Publishing. In a chapter on slavery in Connecticut, the book says, "Compared to other colonies, Connecticut did not have many slaves. Some people owned one or two slaves. They often cared for and protected them like members of the family."

So it’s been banned. Because ONE person complained. ONE PERSON.
 The books author and publisher have never been given the opportunity to source their facts. So don’t bother to point out that Connecticut had very few slaves or that Connecticut has a rich history of abolitionists fighting against slavery. That all over our state are many 16th and 17th homes with secret passage ways that formed the Underground Railroad, leading slaves to freedom in Canada.

None of that matter because this had nothing to do with the book being historically accurate or historically inaccurate…..which is the best way to judge a history book….rather it has been banned because it does not coexist with PC core beliefs and values.
Remember, in America today someone’s core beliefs and values override historical accuracy. Why? Because the one’s control history control the future.