Little People's Village in Middlebury, Connecticut

I remember reading about Middlebury’s Little People Village back in the mid-1970s, when the Waterbury Republican American ran a long feature on it. I went out to see the sight that weekend with my girlfriend at the time and the place, which is a complex of crumbling doll-sized houses and other tiny structures was overrun with dozens of other people who had also read the Republican’s story.
What brought everyone out there, into the woods, was the legend behind the place. As the story goes back in the middle 1800’s, an unnamed man and his wife who lived on the property starting spotting Little People, fairies if you will and built the tiny but sprawling village for them. Eventually the husband went mad, declared himself King of the Little People and built a throne for himself in the middle of the village. They say that if you sit in the throne you’ll die within 7 years (I sat in the throne. Four decades later I am not dead)
It’s a great story, it’s a fun story, but the truth is that the entire thing was a built in about 1900 as an  ornamental garden that sat in the middle of a once very busy trolley stop that took Waterburian’s out to Quassapuag Amusement Park. When the line was discontinued, the village was lost to time and eventually fell apart.