The Winsted Wildman.

According to legend there is some sort of creature wandering about the woods of Winsted Connecticut. He or she is large and covered in black hair from head to foot, scares people it comes across and then disappears.
The first reported sighting came in 1895 when Selectman Riley Smith, while traveling to Colebrook, stopped along the road to pick blueberries, accompanied by his bulldog. The dig suddenly started growling and then ran off. Seconds later the Winsted Wildman appeared and started screaming at Smith (Apparently the monster speaks English)  
The in 1972, two men reported seeing the monster, whom they said stood at least eight feet tall and made a sort of combination cat snarls and frog sounds. In 1974 two couples reported that a large creature charged at the car they were in.
So what’s the real story?

The original wire report of a wild man in the woods of Winsted came from a young newspaper reporter named Lou Stone who worked for the Winsted Evening Citizen newspaper. Basically, Stone made the story up. Needing to make a few extra dollars he wrote up the story and eventually sold it to the New York Times for $150.00. The Times sent two reporters up to Connecticut to find the Wild man but came back with nothing but a wide assortment of tales from the locals who decided to put the reporters on a bit.